Flags of all Countries

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Afghanistan Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Asia
Albania Republic of Albania Europe
Algeria People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Africa
Andorra Principality of Andorra Europe
Angola Republic of Angola Africa
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda America
Argentina Argentine Republic America
Armenia Republic of Armenia Asia
Australia Commonwealth of Australia Oceaniaa
Austria Republic of Austria Europe
Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan Asia
Bahamas Commonwealth of The Bahamas America
Bahrain Kingdom of Bahrain Asia
Bangladesh People’s Republic of Bangladesh Asia
Barbados Barbados America
Belarus Republic of Belarus Europe
Belgium Kingdom of Belgium Europe
Belize Belize America
Benin Republic of Benin Africa
Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan Asia
Bolivia Plurinational State of Bolivia America
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
Botswana Republic of Botswana Africa
Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil America
Brunei State of Brunei Asia
Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria Europe
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Africa
Burma Union of Myanmar (Burma) Asia
Burundi Republic of Burundi Africa
Cote d’Ivoire Republic of Cote d’Ivoire Africa
Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia Asia
Cameroon Republic of Cameroon Africa
Canada Canada America
Cape Verde Republic of Cape Verde Africa
Central African Republic Central African Republic Africa
Chad Republic of Chad Africa
Chile Republic of Chile America
China People’s Republic of China Asia
Colombia Republic of Colombia America
Comoros Union of the Comoros Africa
Congo Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) Africa
Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo-Kinshasa) Africa
Costa Rica Republic of Costa Rica America
Croatia Republic of Croatia Europe
Cuba Republic of Cuba America
Cyprus Republic of Cyprus Europe
Czech Republic Czech Republic Europe
Denmark Kingdom of Denmark Europe
Djibouti Republic of Djibouti Africa
Dominica Commonwealth of Dominica America
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic America
East Timor Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste Asia
Ecuador Republic of Ecuador America
Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt Africa
El Salvador Republic of El Salvador America
England England Europe
Equatorial Guinea Republic of Equatorial Guinea Africa
Eritrea State of Eritrea Africa
Estonia Republic of Estonia Europe
Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Africa
EU European Union Europe
Faroese Faroe Islands Europe
Fiji Republic of the Fiji Islands Oceania
Finland Republic of Finland Europe
France French Republic Europe
Gabon Gabonese Republic Africa
Gambia Republic of The Gambia Africa
Georgia Georgia Asia
Germany Federal Republic of Germany Europe
Ghana Republic of Ghana Africa
Greece Hellenic Republic Europe
Grenada Grenada America
Guatemala Republic of Guatemala America
Guinea Republic of Guinea Africa
Guinea-Bissau Republic of Guinea-Bissau Africa
Guyana Co-operative Republic of Guyana America
Haiti Republic of Haiti America
Honduras Republic of Honduras America
Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia
Hungary Republic of Hungary Europe
Iceland Republic of Iceland Europe
India Republic of India Asia
Indonesia Republic of Indonesia Asia
Iran Islamic Republic of Iran Asia
Iraq Republic of Iraq Asia
Ireland Ireland Europe
Isle of Man Isle of Man Europe
Israel State of Israel Asia
Italy Italian Republic Europe
Jamaica Jamaica America
Japan State of Japan Asia
Jordan Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Asia
Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan Asia
Kenya Republic of Kenya Africa
Kiribati Republic of Kiribati Oceania
Korea, North Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) Asia
Korea, South Republic of Korea (South Korea) Asia
Kosovo Republic of Kosovo Europe
Kuwait State of Kuwait Asia
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republic Asia
Laos Lao People’s Democratic Republic Asia
Latvia Republic of Latvia Europe
Lebanon Republic of Lebanon Asia
Lesotho Kingdom of Lesotho Africa
Liberia Republic of Liberia Africa
Libya Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Great Jamahiriya Africa
Liechtenstein Principality of Liechtenstein Europe
Lithuania Republic of Lithuania Europe
Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Europe
Macau Macau Special Administrative Region Asia
Macedonia Republic of Macedonia Europe
Madagascar Republic of Madagascar Africa
Malawi Republic of Malawi Africa
Malaysia Malaysia Asia
Maldives Republic of Maldives Asia
Mali Republic of Mali Africa
Malta Republic of Malta Europe
Marshall Islands Republic of the Marshall Islands Oceania

Mauritania Islamic Republic of Mauritania Africa
Mauritius Republic of Mauritius Africa
Mexico United Mexican States America
Micronesia Federated States of Micronesia Oceania
Moldova Republic of Moldova Europe
Monaco Principality of Monaco Europe
Mongolia Mongolia Asia
Montenegro Montenegro Europe
Montserrat Montserrat Europe
Morocco Kingdom of Morocco Africa
Mozambique Republic of Mozambique Africa
Namibia Republic of Namibia Africa
Nauru Republic of Nauru Oceania
Nepal Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Asia
Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands Europe
New Zealand New Zealand Oceania
Nicaragua Republic of Nicaragua America
Niger Republic of Niger Africa
Nigeria Federal Republic of Nigeria Africa
Norway Kingdom of Norway Europe
Oman Sultanate of Oman Asia
Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan Asia
Palau Republic of Palau Oceania
Panama Republic of Panama America
Papua New Guinea Independent State of Papua New Guinea Oceania
Paraguay Republic of Paraguay America
Peru Republic of Peru America
Philippines Republic of the Philippines Asia
Poland Republic of Poland Europe
Portugal Portuguese Republic Europe
Puerto Rico Commonwealth of Puerto Rico America
Qatar State of Qatar Asia
Romania Romania Europe
Russia Russian Federation Europe
Rwanda Republic of Rwanda Africa
São Tomé and Príncipe Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe Africa
Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis America
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia America
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines America
Samoa Independent State of Samoa Oceania
San Marino Republic of San Marino Europe
Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Asia
Scotland Scotland Europe
Senegal Republic of Senegal Africa
Serbia Republic of Serbia Europe
Seychelles Republic of Seychelles Africa
Sierra Leone Republic of Sierra Leone Africa
Singapore Republic of Singapore Asia
Slovakia Slovak Republic Europe
Slovenia Republic of Slovenia Europe
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Oceania
Somalia Federal Republic of Somalia Africa
South Africa Republic of South Africa Africa
Spain Kingdom of Spain Europe
Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Asia
Sudan Republic of the Sudan Africa
Suriname Republic of Suriname America
Swaziland Kingdom of Swaziland Africa
Sweden Kingdom of Sweden Europe
Switzerland Swiss Confederation Europe
Syria Syrian Arab Republic Asia
Taiwan Republic of China Asia
Tajikistan Republic of Tajikistan Asia
Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania Africa
Thailand Kingdom of Thailand Asia
Togo Togolese Republic Africa
Tonga Kingdom of Tonga Oceania
Trinidad and Tobago Republic of Trinidad and Tobago America
Tunisia Republic of Tunisia Africa
Turkey Republic of Turkey Asia
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Asia
Tuvalu Tuvalu Oceania
Uganda Republic of Uganda Africaa
Ukraine Ukraine Europe
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Asia
United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Europe
United States of America United States of America America
Uruguay Eastern Republic of Uruguay America
USSR Soviet Union Europe
Uzbekistan Republic of Uzbekistan Asia
Vanuatu Republic of Vanuatu Oceania
Vatican City State of the Vatican City Europe
Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela America
Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam Asia
Wales Wales Europe
Yemen Republic of Yemen Asia
Zambia Republic of Zambia Africa
Zimbabwe Republic of Zimbabwe Africa

National Flag of Afghanistan



Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Flag Description:

The Afghanistan flag consists of three, even vertical stripes running from left to right of black red and green background. In the centre of the red stripe is the emblem of Afghanistan – either in white or yellow/gold.

The emblem consists of an Arabic religious inscription and below it lays a mosque with a prayer mat inside it facing Mecca. There are two flags attached to the mosque which represent flags of Afghanistan.

Underneath the mosque is an inscription stating the name of the nation and surrounding the mosque are sheaves of wheat.

Afghanistan Flag Meaning:

There are conflicting descriptions of the Afghanistan flag’s meaning. In 2002, when this version of the Afghanistan flag was adopted, border affairs ministry official Abdul Wakil Omari said that the flag’s colors represented different eras in the country’s history. Omari said that black represented the 19th century era when Afghanistan was occupied and not independent; that red represented the fight for independence; and that green represented that independence was achieved. But these three colors originated in 1928 and have been on Afghan flags since then until 1978. So it is thought that the color black may represent previous Afghan flags which represented the sovereign; red was possibly introduced by former king Aman Allah as a sign of progress, copied from the Soviet flag; and that green stands for Islam.

Afghanistan Flag History:

The present day Afghanistan flag was introduced in 2002 by the country’s transitional government after the Taliban were defeated. Afghanistan had a similar flag during its monarchist reign from 1930 to 1973, but some of its previous versions were radically different. Afghanistan has undergone many flag changes, among the most in the world, during the 20th Century. In the 16th and 17th centuries Afghanistan was part of the dominions of the Shah of Persia Abbas and there are copies of flags dating back to that era. The Afghanistan nation-state as it is known today came into existence in 1746.

Interesting Afghanistan Flag Facts:

Before the 20th Century the flag was all black. Between October 1978 and April 1980 the Afghan flag was predominantly red with an emblem in the top left corner. After the Taliban were defeated in late 2001, both the 1992 and 1973 flags were flown by different factions of anti-Taliban forces.